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Sponsorship of Marden ABC

Back in June, we announced our sponsorship of Marden ABC, a fantastic local gym with a lot of promising looking fighters. One of their boxers in particular caught our eye.

We saw that Dionne Mannion was looking for a sponsor, and it was absolutely necessary that we were a part of it. Dionne is only 16 years old and she’s the Hull Box Cup Champion, as well as last years National Junior finalist!

This October, Dionne will be competing in the National Junior Championship once again. (Last years final was cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions) and then the Youth Championship next February.

Dionne, we believe, is going to take over Womens Boxing in the coming years, aspiring to be the next Katie Taylor and more, and we know she can achieve these aspirations based on the amount of hard work and time she puts into her craft. With the next Olympics in her sight, now is the time to keep an eye on Dionne Mannion.
There will be plenty of updates posted about Dionnes progress, and news about any upcoming fight shows from Marden ABC. These will be posted on our Facebook and Instagram pages, so feel free to head over there and check it out. Marden ABC’s links will also be provided down below.



Show some love to Dionne!

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