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Sponsorship of Marden ABC

Back in June, we announced our sponsorship of Marden ABC, a fantastic local gym with a lot of promising looking fighters. One of their boxers in particular caught our eye.

We saw that Dionne Mannion was looking for a sponsor, and it was absolutely necessary that we were a part of it. Dionne is only 16 years old and she’s the Hull Box Cup Champion, as well as last years National Junior finalist!

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Becoming an accidental landlord

Many Homeowners in the UK have become so called “accidental landlords” as a result of the current market.

In many cases, homeowners find themselves with little option but to rent out their home after struggling to sell, as selling a home is not as easy as it always sounds.

The way the housing market has been in recent years, some homes have stayed on the market longer than their owners expected. Instead of hoping for a sale, many homeowners decide to just rent the property out and use their rent to cover the mortgage payments.

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